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About! Marble runs

Marble runs are great timeless educational toys for children of all ages and have many educational benefits. They can be great for your childs development: Designing and building their own marble runs is great for getting your child to think about different combinations of pieces. And they can find out what works well, through trail and error.

They help to develop good problem-solving skills. Experimenting with a;what happens if; helps your child learn about cause and effect, and encourages their natural curiosity about the world. Putting the marble run pieces together is great for little hands to develop strength and coordination, and develops fine motor skills, which are so useful for playing, dressing, drawing and writing. Building marble runs with friends and family is good for building social and communication skills.

Built piece by piece - these simple structures become impressive transport for learning.

  • Challenge imagination
  • Inspire observation and deductive reasoning
  • logical thinking & problem solving
  • Stimulate creativity & manual abilities
  • Experimenting with cause and effect
  • Helps your child understand 3D concepts
  • Develop fine motor skills

Usually made from either plastic or wooden or a combination of both and available in a variety of sizes and prices.

Most marble run can be expanded by purchasing further sets or accessories from the same manufacturer and range.

  • A great expandable educational toy that can grow with your child.
  • Sets available for children of all ages
  • Sets especially designed for very young children from 2 years, with larger marbles.
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