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Help! Marble run guide

Confused? not sure which marble run is right for you!

To try and make your choice easier we have divided our marble runs into three main categories, very young children under 2 years, young children ages approx 3 - 6 years and older children aged 7-8 years and over.

Marble runs for 36 months an up


Marble runs suitable for young children aged 18 months and over. These wooden marble runs come with extra large balls and don't provide a choking hazard. Some are pre-assembled and other will need assembling.


Haba wooden marble run ball track game

Haba ball track Rollerby range. Probably the best marble run for younger children with a good selection of pieces.

Suitable for aged 2 years and over.

Haba wooden marble run roll n roll n roll

Haba wooden marble run ball track game

Goki Wooden Ball Track toy with xylophone.

No assembly required. Age 2 years +

Goki wooden marble run track

Haba wooden marble run ball track game

Haba wooden marble run My first ball track. These require assembly and adult help will be needed.

Suitable for age 18 months and up.

Haba wooden marble run My first ball track


Marble runs for younger children aged 3 years and over

These are fairly easy to put together and not very complex. Some of them will require adult help in setting up them up and following the build instructions, others are more straight forward and will require little or no help, depending on the child's ability.

marbutopia marble run

Available in 5 sizes, from the 29 piece starter set which is very simple through to the larger 105 piece set. All the sets can be joined together to build and form more complex runs.

Age 3 +

marbureka marble run


Marbureka marble run 29 piece Sets and 45 piece sets make
Perfect party gifts, these mini marble run ‘starter’ sets can join together to build ever more complex runs.

quadrilla wooden marble run

Quadrilla marble runs have a large selection of accessories making them suitable for children of all ages.

Younger children will enjoy the Basic set, Twist & Rail and Twist set, although adult help will be needed to set them up.

Age 4 +

quadrilla wooden marble run Older children will be kept engaged and challenged building their own marble runs, making sure the correct blocks are used and fitted the correct way round and using the various accessories available.


Haba wooden marble run ball track game

A great combination of wooden building blocks and marble run track. Choose you basic set and then add any of the many accessories to expand your set. Younger children many require some help.

Suitable for children aged 3 years plus.

Haba wooden marble run ball track game

Varis wooden marble run

Hugely popular in Europe and now available in the UK

The wooden parts are designed so that the marble can move through the surface of the parts and inside them (through incorporated holes and grooves). Offering a new building experience for the builder and a more compact marble run.

Suitable for children aged 3 years plus.

 wooden marble run

quercetti marble run

Quercetti Migoga marble runs for kids.

The smaller sets are suitable for children aged 4 years +.

The larger sets can become unstable depending on the structure built, this can be frustrating for younger builders and are for suitable for children ages 5-6 years plus.

quercetti marble run

Create your own marble runs with this exciting construction set. Reproduce the marble runs pictured on the box or enjoy experimenting with your own marble run designs.

Haba wooden marble run ball track game

Classic wooden marble run with brightly coloured and natural blocks, this marble run offers plenty of creative play for children.

Build your own marble run or one of the sets illustrated on the box.

Age 5 years plus

wooden marble run

There are no accessories available for this marble run but you can combine as many sets as you like to build bigger and bigger

Q Ba Maze marble run game

This is one of those toys that the more you have the better it is. Allowing you to build very large, complex and challenging models and sculptures. Younger children many require adult help!

Aimed at 5 years old and above.

q ba maze marble run game

Inspiring creative play for adults and kids ages 5 and up!


wonderworld wooden marble run 

The Trix Tracks are a new and exciting wooden marble run aimed at children from 3 years plus.

Innovative new concept with special bricks and creative tricks. Join the wooden blocks together to create a sturdy ball run with special tricks along the way

wonderworld wooden marble run








Heros wooden marble run toy. Sophisticated meccano style wooden marble run system with functional elements and adjustable inclinations for variable marble run ways, with tools.

heros wooden marble run

Marble runs for older children ages 7-8 years and above.

These are more complex and larger marble runs, and require a lot more time and patience to build.

Techno-Balls marble run.

These are suitable for children aged about 8 years and over.

They have lots of small pieces are quite technical and require more time build and set the track up correctly.

Each Techno-Balls marble run comes with step-by-step instruction on how to build the set pictured on the box.

techno-balls marble run

An ingenious puzzle to put together, the finished kit has a truly hypnotic appeal as the powered chain drive returns the marbles again and again!


quercetti skyrail marble run

Again aimed at children of about 8 years and over.

Similar to the Techno-Ball marble runs these also take time to build and setup correctly. However the larger sets offer a more open minded play allowing you to create your own marble tracks that can stretch around your room.

quercetti skyrail marble run

techno gears marble run

Space rail perpetual marble run. These require quite of lot of time and patience to assemble due to the many small parts and would be suitable for teenager/adults aged 15+

All sets require batteries (not included)

Age 15+

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